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  • BGS Vijnatham School (Donnerstag, 10. Oktober 2019 13:06)

    BGS Vijnatham School is amongst the best school in greater noida. The school's ambience and practical learning provides a positive environment for the holistic development of children. Also it is known for its state of art infrastructure.

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    Times Pro is provides the banking and finance training in hyderabad . Some of the most in-demand skills are content creation and curation; social media strategy; and marketing technology and analytics.

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    Top School In sonipat Swarnprastha is one of the best School in Delhi Not that standard day schools are incapable of shaping a student’s future, boarding schools are known to do it better. The core concept where the children are to stay away from their parents and assume the responsibilities.

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    Best Boarding School in Delhi JPIS is one of the best Boarding School in delho NCR Even the best sailors need a compass to navigate the ship through the turbulent water. Likewise, without strategic guidance and mentoring, the best possibilities and potentials might.

  • Top 10 Pre School Franchise in India (Freitag, 20. September 2019 10:56)

    As a leading kids preschool in India, we, at Junior DPS, have coupled the modern technological advancements with the exemplary teaching skills of our well-trained teachers to deliver the children with a nurturing learning environment. If you wish to join in our growing franchise network and be a part of the Junior DPS franchise chain, write to us at info@juiordps.com.

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    Times TSW offers different educational programmes to aspiring business leaders through strategic collaborations. One of them is xlri courses for working professionals. Overview of latest developments in the world of business and best practices being adopted in prevalent economic conditions

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    Times TSW offers different educational programmes to aspiring business leaders through strategic collaborations. One of them is finance executive program
    .Under this course there are the key financial concepts, tools and techniques in a simple and lucid manner

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    At Vidsan Charterhouse, we believe that as mentors of the young minds, it is our responsibility to empower them to think critically, explore passionately, and analyse carefully – these traits are intrinsically related to STREAM based learning and promote social skills of children.

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    We, at TSW, in collaboration with XLRI Jamshedpur, one of the top 10 Indian B-schools, have created a year-long intensive business management course. The course,i.e. Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM), is particularly designed for practising management professionals and entrepreneurs and aims to equip them for the changes and challenges of the global business world.

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    And you will naturally find it mentioned in the educational philosophy of the best institutes like the Alpine Convent School. The students of Alpine are constantly exposed to learning methods that are directed to work on their communication skills. There is the provision of language labs, a rich library, interschool vocabulary competitions and much more.

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  • Best Playschool franchise in India (Dienstag, 20. August 2019 08:46)

    The Junior DPS play school franchise is low investment business and good for the long-term in nature. It has the potential to give stable returns. When you start a Play school franchise business in India, you will require good infrastructure, good location and a good partner who has the full knowledge of play school franchise.

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  • Best IB Boarding school in Delhi NCR (Freitag, 02. August 2019 13:27)

    We, at Vidsan Charterhouse, are proud to stand as a one-of-a-kind boutique boarding school in Delhi NCR, where instead of mere knowledge transfer, the focus is on fuelling the innate passion for learning in the young minds. Students at VCH are instilled with the skills, values, and morals that shall aid their growth as not only sound professionals in the future but also as responsible, empathetic human beings.

  • Private polytechnic college in Delhi NCR list (Freitag, 02. August 2019 11:37)

    The two-year courses in the best diploma course in the private polytechnic college in Delhi NCR list will also provide you the opportunity to undergo a mandatory training phase in functioning schools, along with integrated training workshops in renowned institutions. The extra year you invest in your NPTT will surely be enriching and work to advance your career by the right amount.

  • Polytechnic for Women College (Freitag, 02. August 2019 11:33)

    The diploma course of Polytechnic for Women College is designed around these owing to the student-centric approach of the college’s director Mr. Kanwaljit Singh and executive director Ms. Sanjana Kalra. Here, you learn exactly what you need to, combined with internship opportunities to sharpen your skills and have a better chance of creating an impressive CV than anywhere else. Strive hard and strive right. Build your skills in the best institute and get a shot at the top jobs.

  • Top 5 schools in Gurgaon (Mittwoch, 31. Juli 2019 12:25)

    The best primary school in Gurgaon thus maintains a safe and cordial classroom environment for all its students so that they feel at home even in schools. Teacher behaviors, peer-to-peer interactions, security measures in place, all these matter and schools must keep these on priority.

  • Best computer science engineering colleges (Dienstag, 30. Juli 2019 13:36)

    Joining the best computer science engineering colleges like the Greater Noida Institute of Technology where the curriculum is futuristic and you get to learn the required skills you need to land in the companies of the upcoming sectors. Your future is as bright as the start you get in the present. So, choose wisely and let your college become your propeller.

  • Top ranking school in Ghaziabad (Montag, 29. Juli 2019 14:07)

    We, at Gurukul The School, a top ranking school in Ghaziabad, with the meticulously and carefully planned trips by our team of experts and teachers, have been successfully garnering inquisitiveness and eagerness among our children to learn more. Educational trips have been proven to expand the scope of academic growth in children, and we, at Gurukul, know how to utilize the same in the best way possible.

  • Top 20 schools in Gurgaon (Montag, 29. Juli 2019 10:00)

    Think about it like an educational benchmark that the top 20 schools in Gurgaon generally have to periodically evaluate their students’ performances. The criterion can be the school’s educational philosophy, behavourial standards, involvement in extra-curricular activities, or all of these combined.

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  • School near Crossing Republic (Samstag, 20. Juli 2019 14:23)

    One of the finest schools near Crossing Republik! I have studied there scoring 95 percent with science stream. At present, I am studying at IIM Ahmadabad and have successfully completed one year of my studies. It was the base and foundation consolidated at Aster that enabled me and my fellow classmates to achieve the optimum results in the academic world! From infrastructure to experienced teaching staff and extracurricular activities, Aster is par excellence. Do consider Aster for your kids!

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